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Nice to meet you, I'm Iveth.
pronounced ee-veth, with she/her/they pronouns :)

I have a passion for mental health, advocacy, and learning. I've also always been interested in making big problems smaller by identifying common patterns in data and social interactions. I want to continue developing my skills in research, design and development in order to help transform products and services into pleasant experiences for all. To me, learning is a lifelong journey and it never stops. I'd like to use my curiosity and love for learning, to make the world a better place. 

Check out my curriculum vitae below!

My Story

I was born in Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico, raised in San Diego, CA--and currently, living and learning in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating from UCLA with my bachelors degree in 2020, I decided to take time off from school and take the time to center myself and explore my professional interests. After working as a health and mental health researcher at USC and UCLA, I became fascinated by the rapid and significant technological changes that interconnect with the way we provide support to our mental health, physical health, and improve our daily lives. Today, I am interested in transitioning from being an academic researcher, to a User Experience professional. I care about incorporating my research experience, creative skills, and diverse background to bring about the necessary change and improvements towards health services and product designs. On a larger scale, I am passionate about incorporating accessibility and inclusivity into my work, and I believe all people should be able to easily navigate and interact with a service or product, regardless of their background or ability.

Outside my professional life, I enjoy exploring new cooking and baking recipes, taking my adorable pup on walks, looking for new books to read, traveling, AND enjoying the sunny Southern California weather! :)

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